😜 Short Love Quotes in Tagalog

Beautiful and Short Love Quotes in Tagalog

Simple and short love quotes to tell you nice things every day, because love must be taken care of, it is not enough to think that the other person knows that you love her, small gestures or details are important in all relationships.

♥ Your love inspires me, your tenderness moves me and your kisses drive me crazy.

Love is the best medicine, lovers are always happy, live happy, see the positive side of life and all because they have someone else by their side.

If you have a partner, you are in love with her and want to show her or him how much you love them. keep the flame of love alive, or if there is a person you like and you want to fall in love with, or have them fall for you, a great choice is, without a doubt, to dedicate a short love quote.

A love quote is a double-edged sword to enter the heart of that boy or girl, and in this article we have prepared the most complete list for each type of person and each moment.

First of all, we want to recommend that you do not write these short love quotes in tagalog just for Facebook or WhatsApp, indentify them to declare your love in an original and beautiful way.

Write it on a picture of the two of you and draw some hearts next to the quote. Look at how many ways you can confess that you love him.

♥ So, just as you are, I love you.

♥ You, in the morning, disheveled. That is happiness.

♥ My plan was not to fall in love, you smiled at me and you ruined it.

♥ I want to live eternally in your smile.

♥ Anyone in their right mind would have gone crazy for you.

♥ Any place is my house if you are the one who opens the door.

♥ I would be able to recognize your face among a million dreams.

♥ I watched you laugh and there were my futures.

♥ I love you (I think I’ve only told you a million times).

♥ Today I discovered that you are sweeter than honey.

♥ You hypnotize me and bewitch me at all times.

♥ I would miss at all times in your eyes.

♥ Your eyes are the spell against my bad day.

♥ And one thing I can swear: I will fall in love with your wings, I will never want to cut you off.

♥ Travel to Mars or the iron room. But with you.

♥ Look is one thing, that you look at me is another different verb.

♥ You are the exception to all that I said that I would never do

♥ I want you free, and I want free with you

♥ And you who know about love? I know you from memory

♥ I am happy when you look at me.

♥ You started stealing a smile and now you have my heart

♥ Even in the dark I can feel the light of your smile

♥ I see you and I’m going to sleep

♥ I like you, I like you, I like you, I like you … do you know that I like you?

♥ You make me feel my wildest instincts: I would devour you to kisses.

♥ I want to do with you what spring does with cherry trees.

♥ Stay with the one who kisses your soul, the skin kisses you anyone.