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Some guys prefer short quotes in tagalog to remember the love that their girlfriend feels for them and that’s why in some moments I love to dedicate short sentences of love for my boyfriend,

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Angry girlfriend choking her boyfriend, he is going red in the Face.

Even though when I met you, what I felt was a great chaos because you turned my world upside down, I soon understood that only by your side could I find true peace and love.

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If you love your boy with madness, but you do not find the most adequate words to tell him, you have reached the right place, we have collected dozens of quotes that are recognized under the category of “love quotes in tagalog for my boyfriend“.

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Best Love image quotes for your boyfriend in tagalog

Images of Love In that moment in which you are looking for a perfect photograph to fall in love with that person so special to you, what you are looking for is actually a romantic phrase accompanied by a postcard that goes directly to the heart of your girlfriend or boyfriend or that person who you want to conquer, and to help you, today we leave you a list of beautiful photos, cards, postcards and love images with ready-to-dedicate and download phrases.

The biggest mistake I’ve made in my life is not having the pleasure of meeting you before. You are everything I need to be happy, thank you for existing and for always being by my side protecting me.

I can never find the right words to describe what has been the most beautiful period of my life, only thanks to you, the most special uncle I have ever met in my life.

My love for you is so broad, so transgressive, so infinite, that sometimes I have the impression of living a story that is the fruit of a spell. I love you, my boy.

I have always dreamed of having a man by my side who understood me, who cared about my problems, who learned to love me as I want to be loved … luckily fate has given me your presence, has given us this unbridled passion.

You are the immensity of the sea, the strong Neptune who brandishes his ax to protect what he most wants. You are the wind that helps me quell the endless heat of long afternoons in the sun.

You, my man, have made me rediscover love, I love you and I will never be able to stop doing it. You are the only true love that Providence has given me.

Honey you are the most beautiful thing that life has given me, I love you for what you are, for the happy moments we have spent together, I love you as I met you, a cheerful young man who was hooked to life.

You are the most addictive sensation I have ever experienced, that thought that merges in a lava of emotions, passion and strength, you are all I need, the man of my life.

I love your way of laughing, because now it is also part of me. I love your hands because they caress me so softly that I shudder, I love your looks and your kisses, because I feel you mine.

Between dream and reality there seems to be no difference, because you have turned all my dreams into reality. I love you, my boy.

Every time I see you my soul trembles, I do not know if it trembles with emotion, surprise or happiness, I only know that it does it for you and only for you. I love you, my man!

The life of each person takes on one sense or another depending on the circumstances, the sense of mine has always been you.

Thank you for being part of my life, because without you nothing would make sense, without you I would be a banal person, a dispossession in the middle of the ocean. I will love you all my life.

You are the greatest love I have ever felt, you are my most beautiful dream, the sweetest thought that fills my head. I love you

I want to caress you, to slowly consume your lips, I want to feel your strong arms hugging me.

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