🤣Funny Love Quotes in Tagalog DON’T Miss out on the BEST!

Funny quotes in tagalog for your girlfriend or boyfriend, Fore people like you in this special day we wanted to share a very special selection of funny quotes in tagalog about love.

Love and laughter go by the hand

since we know that humor is very important in love and in life, and to make your day and your friends happy, we have This special section of funny quotes about love in Filipino to make your loved one smile, and above all very funny messages and phrases that you will surely love.

You’ve been telling me for a long time that you’d like me to make you happy, you told me you wanted me to make you see the stars. What I don’t understand is why you broke the telescope I gave you.

Your friends can enjoy the funniest content they have ever thought of because there is nothing like humor to brighten up the day. In addition, you can share funny images by clicking on all your social networks! Are you going to miss it?

Love is beautiful & fabulous. It can also cause a real headache and a lot of suffering, laughter and positive experiences are related to love!

Check out the best funny love quotes in tagalog to make your day even better!

Even when you suffer for and about love, the best thing you can do is laugh at it, take it as something nice and fun.

Both for those who laugh and want to dedicate some original words to their partner, as well as those who have had a recent heartbreak and need to smile, read a good funny quote in tagalog about love.

Many authors have reflected on the subject and have added a touch of satire and irony to love.

Why Seen the funny side of love is so important

Relaxation makes life more fluid. If you want to make someone fall in love, being spontaneous will help you a lot.

In fact, many expert psychologists say that spontaneity is the key to seducing a person. That is to say, be yourself without taboos, with your virtues and defects. This is how the funniest words you can dedicate to conquer someone come out.

Nobody likes that they link with him or her using the typical boring WhatsApp conversation like “Hi, how are you?”. they will see you as someone of the bunch. On the other hand, if you are funny, and use funny quotes and messages that make them smile, you will have a good and happy impresion.

And, on the other hand, the lack of love is much more pleasant when you view it from a humorous point of view, since where there is humor, there are joys and smiles.

If you are not reciprocated, what will you do? Do you prefer to laugh or cry? I, of course, laugh. Therefore, if you have cut with your boyfriend or girlfriend, if they have given you pumpkins or if you want to overcome a relationship with a man or a woman who hurt you, put a joke in your life.